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Who we are

Philippe Lafortune-Chalifoux, a nurse who loves nature and travel, founded Polaris Santé in 2009 in order to offer the best possible working conditions to other health professionals who, like him, have an interest for the nursing practice up north.

“Early in my career, I worked alongside several nurses who had practiced in remote parts of the country, and it really inspired me.

“In late 2004, after several months travelling in Asia, I decided to take on a new professional challenge in northern Quebec. I worked in various areas, first in the mining sector, then in various Inuit communities in Nunavik and Cree communities in James Bay. I became even more passionate about the people of the North and the critical role that nurses played over there.

“I decided to start Polaris Santé as an answer to the urgent needs of organizations in skilled nurses. I had two very specific goals: I wanted Polaris Santé to be known for the skill and professionalism of its personnel, and I wanted people—patients, nurses, and clients—to always be the focus of our concerns and actions.”